Benefits of a WorkSpace

What is a Workspace or a Business Center?

An easy definition is a “hotel for companies”.

The Business Centers, also known as Workspaces are enterprises specialized in providing accommodation services to Companies, Professionals and Businessmen. The Business Centers offer an economical, immediate and flexible solution to the issues of starting and maintaining a rented or owned office.

What is a Business Address? A Prestigious address?

It is an address for your company and professional activity, and all the advantages it offers. This will be different from your home address, which should remain private. A prestigious address awards your business with a professional image that gives confidence to your clients when hiring your services.

Professional handling of your mail and packages, allowing you to manage your own time and agenda, interference-free from waiting for a package at home or a messenger/mailman with important documents.

What are the advantages in Castellana Center?

Our Workspace is located in the best area, Paseo de la Castellana. There is no better address for your company or activity to represent a Professional business image for your clients and suppliers.

These are some of Castellana Center´s qualities:

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Uninterrupted customer service hours
  • Professional staff for administrative assistants and secretaries
  • Customized attention services for your clients, as if it were your own personal office.
  • Great prices
  • Flexible contracts, no commitments nor fines


What is a Virtual Office?

The Virtual office in Castellana Center is the simplest and smartest way of locating your company or professional activity in an address without having to actually own or rent a physical space.

This way we offer a solution for companies and self-hired businessmen or freelancers to have all the benefits of a traditional company at the minimum cost.

We offer a variety of services, adjusting prices and rates according to each client

Image and representation given by a Virtual Office

A professional image inspires trust, required for commercial demands. A virtual office allows your business to ensure this confidence without the mandatory investment

Availability and access to our facilities, to provide the best customer service. Our facilities include meeting rooms, boardrooms, administrative office, executive office, office rental by hours, and administrative staff available to meet the needs of your clients as if it were your own office.

Award your business with a professional image without investment.

Complete disposal of our facilities: Meeting rooms, Board rooms, fully furnished offices, professional staff… as if it’s your own office. Our Center is carefully designed and fully equipped with the latest technology.

What kind of Office Space can I hire?

We adjust the office space and services according to your company’s needs. We provide a variety of office designs, from 1 person to 8 people. On the other hand, if what you require are our services, such as renting an office, meeting rooms per hour, a business address, mail handling or telephone attention, please contact us for a customized budget.

What is a Professional Workspace?

The concept of Business Center is not properly used in our country. Usually, it is used on multiple occasions to be defined as a simple marketing claim for certain spaces. As a result of the misuse, the term has been undermined from its reality of a professional, established business sector which continues to grow. In other economies from our surrounding, the concept of Business Center or Centres d’affaires is well established, but in our country, it continues to be used by agents who don’t include our interesting and effective proposal of value.

The Business Centers are enterprises constituted with private equity funds from their own promoters to maximize the accommodation services proposal to their clients. In other words, in this country, a Business Center is a company constituted, established and conceived to be as the Business Center in the anglo-saxon countries.

How are mail and packages handled?

To hire a Virtual Office service in Castellana Center – Workspace implies that all correspondence your company receives in our address will be handled according to certified procedures of TUV Rheinland and your requests. The received correspondence will be notified to you, our client, at least once a week. Immediate notifications will be sent when received urgent mail, packages, and similar which compel for a signature. Of course, no additional costs.

Subsequently, your correspondence will be re-sent to an address you provide us; or will be kept here, in your own mailbox, to be handed out personally.

Can I place a company logo in the lobby?

Yes, if you’ve hired an executive or administrative office with us.

This service is included in the initial contract, you only pay for the price of the name plate.

How will my company´s calls be handled?

We offer a professional secretary service with a variety of different options for telephone answering, according to your company’s needs.

Depending on which plan you hire, phone calls will be answered with your company’s name or automatically redirect calls to the phone number of your choice.

Can I rent a Meeting Room without being client of the Center?

Of course, we offer multiple meeting rooms with different prices and you can choose which one best meets your needs.

First, you reserve through our call center or send an email, specifying date and time. Once your meeting is done, you can pay here with a credit card or bank transfer.

Is the Telephone service included? Are Meeting Rooms included?

Yes, if you’ve hired an executive or administrative office with us. In case you don’t, we offer different plans which offer these services and you can choose which one adapts to your needs.

Yes, in case you are hiring an office with us, you have available several hours to use all meeting rooms available in Castellana Center; you just need to previously reserve with the staff.

What is a domiciliation of your society or a business address?

It’s our hallmark as a Business Center. You can enjoy a privileged location for your office, without having to hire an actual physical space.

This allows you to have a favored working place for your clients, as well as cost-saving for your company. It is the best option for those businesses who are just starting or are growing and developing.

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