A private and exclusive area for business meetings and conferences.

VIP Area

“The perfect place to celebrate professional meetings when privacy and exclusivity are demanded.”

Benefits of locating your business at our Workspace

  • Completely private meetings and discreetness of staff
  • Great space for a comfortable conference, catering, breakfast meetings, etc
  • Wide area for conference calls and audiovisual presentations
  • Business interviews and training programs for directors
  • Data rooms with secure storage of documentation, including fireproof cabinets
  • Neutral working space for gatherings, negotiations and ongoing discussions
  • Momentum for closing operations
  • A complement to business lunch
  • Business meetings outside your regular office, brainstorming
  • And much more..!
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  • An exclusive and private area for Business meetings and Conferences
  • Completely private and separate entrance
  • High standard facilities attended down to the last detail
  • A modern and new 200 m2 space, highlighting the Presidential Suite and dinamic Executive Boardroom
  • Attended by Castellana Center’s professional staff to set up the area accoridng to your needs
  • Strategically located in Madrid’s financial area, in Paseo de la Castellana (Cuzco)
  • High technology: Audiovisual equipment, High speed Internet, exclusive WIFI/LAN, great connectivity, etc.
  • Attended by a professional staff who will ensure the space meets all your meeting requirements
  • Reception service even at street level
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Catering available: Arrangements for breakfast, lunch, coffee-break, and more
  • High performance connectivity, High speed fiber optic Internet. Advanced management
  • Exclusive WIFI/LAN. Independent Networks
  • Professional audioconference systems
  •  IP Videoconference
  • AV-screens and projectors

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